Thursday, January 15, 2009

bdays are weird

Birthdays are weird.

No, I don't feel older.
No, it's not really any different than 23.
Yes, I still get told that I look like I'm in high school.
Yes, people don't believe I'm married.
No, I didn't ask for anything because I can't think of anything I need.
Yes, I share a birthday with Martin Luther King, Jr. (Haha! No one asks that.)

But seriously, aren't birthdays kind of awkward? You say "thank you" like, 5,000 times for the birthday wishes. People always embarrass you at restaurants. If you get a present (which you don't really get after you're...I don't know, 16, if that?) it's usually something you're like, "Oh...gee...thank you." My favorite part is my grandparents calling and singing to me over the phone in their sweet voices and my mom telling me things about the day I was born. Today it was, "it was a very cold morning when you were born."

I'm a year older. That's weird. I don't think tomorrow will be any different than today. (Except that it means I'll be on a plane to DC to see the inauguration Tuesday!!!!)


Amanda said...

what?!!! you're going to see the inauguration?!!!

hope your birthday has been fabulous!

abby coyle photography said...

I'm SO jealous you're going to inauguration! And Happy Birthday, again! i am with you on the birthdays...I still feel 18 too!

Jenn said...

I totally agree with you on the birthdays. It's sad that it seems redundant by now.

katie johnson said...

my mom tells me my birth story, too! ever single freaking year.
i thought i was the only one.
ps i am also very very green with envy about the inauguration. tell barack i say hello.

Jacquelyn said...

i TOTALLY agree with the bday thing. so awkward.

give bush a high five for me.


Katrina 'Wood' Honnoll said...

You're weird. Birthday's are cool. I would love to know what it was like the day I was born. Consider yourself blessed to have such a wonderful mother! :)

Jenna said...

i'm not telling you happy birthday:

1. because i'm late.
B. so you won't have to say thanks. and...
D. i didn't know it was prior to this post.

buuuuut.. i will say i'm definitely a bit jeal about the DC trip. sounds super fabulous!