Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm turning 24 on Thursday and that's weird.

Milestones used to be 16 (obviously drivers license,) 18 (obviously an adult,) 21 (officially an adult,) and then...crap, I'm graduating college? I'm getting married? Am I old enough to do that? 22 was weird. I graduated, I got married (only 2 weeks apart) and I joined the real working world with a salary and benefits. At 23, I started the new year working a 16 hour day to find my AWOL 17 year old crack addict Ray Ray a place to stay. My job went downhill and was stressing me to the max. I wrote my resignation letter and planned to submit it once I found another job. Seizure. No driving. No working. Lots of couch sitting. Now, I'm about to be 24...which qualifies as mid 20's, right? Carl turns 25 next month. That's 1/2 way to 30. Whaaat? I feel like I've got to get it in gear. A year goes by so fast! Our friends are having babies!

24 is weird.

But the show 24 is not weird. A bit cheesy but I still won't miss an episode. And I still love Jack Bauer.


Anonymous said...

you are a goof. 24 is the new 18. you've got all the time in the world. (BTW...did you know when you were born I was 10?!) ;-) Bet that makes you feel better.

Jenn said...

In my opinion, 24 and 25 are still considered early 20s. But man once you hit 26, you might as well be 36. 26 sounds OLD.
So hey, you got nothing to worry about for another 2 years. You are golden.

revbrunet said...

uhm, i'm 28, single, and not having kids anytime in the foreseeable future (praise YHWH). don't feel old.

and hey, turning 24 the same week that 24 returns to tv? bonus!!

Mags said...

dang. we will be 35 and 27 this year! no babies here. unless the fur ones count :) yer waaaay young.

OH and def talk 24 up when yall are her... Jake would only watch what like 3 seasons with me? I'm gonna get on the others. When my spare time comes back to life :) dunno if I'll have a partner in crime to enjoy with or not!

and yay! 24 the week 24 comes back - very cool as rebruvnet has pointed out :)

Amanda said...

yeah, don't feel bad. i turn 29 in june, so you're a baby compared to me. :)

Jacquelyn said...

i refuse to celebrate my 24th birthday, that is in one month. at least you have accomplished the things you are "supposed" to accomplish by that age. :) i clicked on this post expecting to read rants and raves of this seasons 24, by the way.

oh. my. gosh. TONY. and BILL. oh, my. gosh. jack and tony in hand to hand combat? all of my fantasies have come true, now.

Number9 said...

Enjoy 24... it seems like after 25 no one gives a flip about birthdays anymore, so you gotta enjoy them while you can!

happenstance said...

Its okay I'm with you. I thought turning 24 was kinda shocking, but not as bad as when I turned 23. AND my little sister is turning 22 tomorrow, thats weird. Life is too short!