Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh wait I can't, I'll be on vacation...

So, Carl and I leave tomorrow for Denver, Colorado for a few days of no email, no phone calls, no friends, no Oklahoma, no responsibilities, few plans, and a cheap flight and rental car to visit the mountains. I have been highly anticipating this week since I found the $68 tickets about a month ago. A slight damper came when I found out the Democratic National Convention was going on at the same time and I couldn't find lodging for nearly 30 square miles around Denver. Luckily, I got the last room at a BOMB B&B in Morrison, Colorado...about 20 miles outside of Denver. Check out their website so you'll be jealous of us. Another slight damper has come with the recent arrest of hooligans planning to shoot at Obama while we're in town. No thanks! But I'm confident that we'll have a much deserved relaxing break away from our lives. I'm looking forward the most to my first visit to Whole Foods and the Mile High Flea Market. So, peace out Oklahoma. Don't call because we won't answer....till Sunday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's been a while since I wrote about tv shows...but the Olympics have been on people!

So...sometimes I watch MTV. I won't hide it. There's a new show starting tomorrow night at 9:30pm; it's called Exiled. MTV took 8 of the "Sweet Sixteen" stars from 2 years ago and sent them to remote areas of Morroco, Norway, Africa, Thailand, and India. What's interesting is the parents do everything for these kids!!! They pay for everything, they do their laundry, they clean their rooms, they allow their kids to sit around and be taken care of. So...it only makes sense that their children are going to be spoiled and not able to handle daily living skills like working, feeding themselves, doing laundry, paying bills...etc. One girls mom even straightens her daughters hair for her!!! Have we heard of ENABLING!

I'll be watching the show to see the real world hit these kids square in the jaw. My prediction is that 7 out of the 8 will go right back to their extravagant lifestyle.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

breakfast for dinner!

When I was growing up, sometimes my mom would make waffles for dinner....we never really had them for breakfast, just dinner. I LOVE whoever said "I want breakfast for dinner." (And it's a great excuse to eat more BACON.)

Our small group is getting together tonight for...you guessed it, breakfast for dinner! We're having pancakes and bacon and all the fixin's...we're even having juice and milk to drink. How appropriate! I'm so pumped. I haven't had real breakfast, much less breakfast for dinner in ages.

So, cancel your dinner plans and make some breakfast. You won't be sorry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Dayzzzz

it has been gloriously cloudy for the last....week? unlike most people, i am energized by the cloudy days! i invite the rain. i cheer for the thunderstorm to roll through. i open the blinds and let the lovely gray into my living room. my mom always gave me a hard time growing up because a good portion of my wardrobe was gray. well...i still have a good percentage that is gray, but i can't help it. i love gray.

so since i've had so much time on my hands, i've been doing ridiculous things like researching baby names. i'm not pregnant!!! so don't even ask me. but, i've recently had a fascination with names and what they mean. it probably started when Josh and Katie found out that one of the names they're considering (they ARE pregnant) for their baby unknown is Gavin and it means "White Hawk of Battle." who wouldn't want their name to mean that?! we've had numerous discussions with them and others about prospective baby names. we believe it's better to get your "dibs" out there so you're not disappointed when you're friends get pregnant and "steal" your favorite baby name. (we also understand though that if/when they're pregnant and we're not, they pretty much have all rights to claim a name.)

so, here's my favorites. it should also be said that i don't really want to have (a) girl(s) but i do have a few on my list. knowing my luck, i'll have triplet girls.

Finley "Finn" for short


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Ellen and I have in common....

-we love to dance.

-we LOVE a good BLT sandwich.

-we love Barack Obama.

Love you Ellen.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I guess I'm just now old enough to really get into the Olympics...but I am obsessed. Not with America...(even though that men's swimming relay was AWESOME!) but I am digging every bit of Beijing 2008. I've always loved Gymnastics and Diving...but this year is a whole new deal.

And synchronized diving? How tight is that!

I haven't seen the opening ceremonies (I'm waiting for some peeps who were in Africa to watch with them) but I've only heard the best things and can't wait to watch!

Who's with me on this?!!??!!

EDIT: I watched the opening ceremonies tonight with Kendra. They blew my mind. I'm going to watch them again probably because they were that legit. Good Luck London...China set the bar high.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've been diagnosed with Epilepsy. I've just begun my research on all this means and I'll try to post my findings later when I've waded through everything. I'm not discharged from my doctor yet so I'm not going back to work and we haven't worked through the best option for that yet. Insurance is our main concern right now which I still have and can continue to have until I decide what to do in regards to my job at DHS. Carl and I have and will continue to make life adjustments through this journey. I don't think the diagnosis and the full extent of what it will mean for us have fully sunk in yet, but we wanted to let you know the latest.