Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's been a while since I wrote about tv shows...but the Olympics have been on people!

So...sometimes I watch MTV. I won't hide it. There's a new show starting tomorrow night at 9:30pm; it's called Exiled. MTV took 8 of the "Sweet Sixteen" stars from 2 years ago and sent them to remote areas of Morroco, Norway, Africa, Thailand, and India. What's interesting is the parents do everything for these kids!!! They pay for everything, they do their laundry, they clean their rooms, they allow their kids to sit around and be taken care of. only makes sense that their children are going to be spoiled and not able to handle daily living skills like working, feeding themselves, doing laundry, paying bills...etc. One girls mom even straightens her daughters hair for her!!! Have we heard of ENABLING!

I'll be watching the show to see the real world hit these kids square in the jaw. My prediction is that 7 out of the 8 will go right back to their extravagant lifestyle.


mj said...

i can't handle watching super sweet 16. it makes me sick b/c they're so manipulative and ungrateful.

so when i saw the preview for this show yesterday, i thought it was AWESOME - EXCEPT that they're getting a free trip to an amazing place and getting an incredible experience that many of us would love to have, while still not appreciating any of it and complaining the entire time....


live compassionately said...

I read this and it made me curious so I watched it tonight too. I will be honest though - I'm not sure I could have handled that animal slaughter either...haha.

Mags said...

So how was the first episode (no cable/tv here and they don't seem to show full episodes of anything online!). Animal slaughter? no thanks.