Sunday, August 10, 2008


I guess I'm just now old enough to really get into the Olympics...but I am obsessed. Not with America...(even though that men's swimming relay was AWESOME!) but I am digging every bit of Beijing 2008. I've always loved Gymnastics and Diving...but this year is a whole new deal.

And synchronized diving? How tight is that!

I haven't seen the opening ceremonies (I'm waiting for some peeps who were in Africa to watch with them) but I've only heard the best things and can't wait to watch!

Who's with me on this?!!??!!

EDIT: I watched the opening ceremonies tonight with Kendra. They blew my mind. I'm going to watch them again probably because they were that legit. Good Luck London...China set the bar high.


live compassionately said...

Unfortunately I have yet to have had a chance to watch the Olympics. Now here's the difference - I never used to be bothered by not watching them. This time, it's killing me! My plans for tonight? Sitting on my couch watching the Olympics. Yessss. :)

Graham Morsch said...

I'm really enjoying watching too. The opening ceremony is crazy awesome.

Kendra Thomson said...

I'm home and ready to watch the opening ceremonies! When????? Heard they were the best ever.

John and Kimberly Sanderson said...

ummm..... yeah! I'm totally with you...John and I have been glued to much as you can be with three hoodlums running around!

little dalene said...

The opening ceremonies were amazing. You need to watch them, like yesterday. Also, the relay almost gave me a heart attack and I'm not even into swimming that much. Remember when we sat in the house on SGA retreat watching Olympics all day and making fun of Shari for liking Ian Thorpe? That was fun. :)

Mags said...

We just watched the opening ceremony on (sped through a bit) but SO amazing!