Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK Hay Day

2 parades. (Guthrie and OKC)
Lunch and Dinner.
Friends and Family.
Lots of Walking.
Being Cold.

The best holiday I've had and understood in the same day.

PS. White need to care about major figures in history and support them and the days that honor them even when they're not white. So go to a parade or SOMETHING and don't sit in your car with the windows rolled up. Stand alongside and/or walk with someone different than you and talk with them. Share the experience. Share Life. Love each other.


ashe said...

well said.

live compassionately said...

Ashley took my comment so I will just say agreed.

Jeff said...

umm... i don't get out and walk in the butt freezing cold for white figures either, so I don't fill bad. Also I have read most all of mlk's stuff. Which I imagine most those white, black, and brown marchers haven't.

Amanda said...

we were so glad you got to come out to g-town! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a freaking lunatic. The reason why racism is still an issue is because we keep celebrating this crap.

Why does this celebration have to be because he is black? It should be centered on what he did, not just because he was black. If we want to celebrate "color" days, then lets start celebrating Washington's birthday because he was a great "white leader". Last time I checked, white was a color. So I guess you and I are "colored" people. I suppose you don't learn that at Screwball Nazarene University.

Zach said...

Kill Whitey!!!!!

live compassionately said...

In reference to your other comments - wow. seriously?

Amanda said...

she's not saying to go to it b/c he's black. she was just saying to go to the parade EVEN when they are not white. plus, mlk day is about what he did anyway, not what race he is.

Kendra Thomson said...

To the Anonymous poster:

I think it is pretty cowardly to post your harsh comments as "anonymous." If you feel strongly enough to post such harsh words, you should at least have the guts to put your name to it.

ryan dobson said...

yeah, wow. Jeff: I like your response because it definitely defines you as someone who is not racist... just lazy. And I didn't know people like "Anonymous" owned computers.. ?? wow. And can type. Interesting. That's like saying the Holocaust Memorial contributes to Anti-semitism. Dumbass.

Also, Cara - did OKC1st have a decent showing at the parade?

ryan dobson said...

if you want to delete my comment, it won't hurt my feelings :)

bj keeter said...

liked it!

i read the anonymous post, and it is so wrong that jeff's doesn't bother me anymore. you never said that the celebration was because MLK was black. i was dissapointed when anonymous admitted he/she was white. i feel so misrepresented

i vow never to make an anonymous statement because im afraid of what i said.