Monday, January 7, 2008


Currently we need:

A Free Car

A Free gift of $50,000 to pay off our college educations.

A Free house with hardwood floors and a big enough backyard for Bauer.

All applicant's with one or all of the above qualification can apply between the hours of 12am and 12pm M-Sun.

We appreciate you.


Amanda said...

why only between midnight and noon? what if i want to apply at 3:30 pm? no afternoon applicants allowed? :)

Josh McCullock Photography said...

we have some queso.

realolivegreen said...

sorry. you can apply between 12am-12pm, and 12pm-12am.

Child Person said...

Hi Cara,
It's been a while since I stopped sorry to hear you might leave the profession. Before you do I hope you will check into other possibilities of making positive differences for children. I wish I could suggest ways to do that and earn a decent living, with lots of benefits and none of the crap, and of course pay off the $50 K. Is that all? mine is nearly $200 K! because I did what your other commenter suggested. I don't recommend it! Not unless you change goals and go where the money is, that is...and generally speaking that will be far from working for children unless you become an attorney for them, or a pediatrician, etc.
Whatever you decide, I wish you well...
A Child is Waiting.
Take aware,