Sunday, July 14, 2013

You can't always get what you want

Dear Everyone In My Life Who Gets Zero of My Time Right Now,

I know you know I'm in school.
I know you know I'm working.
I know you know I'm interning.
I know you know I'm dating a wonderful boy. (If you didn't know that, AHEM: I'm dating a great man that I'm crazy about and we may say the love words and he might make me dinner a lot of the time. I may have hearts in my eyes for him. More on that someday soon.)

Please also know that I haven't forgotten you! When I say I want to do lunch/dinner, talk on the phone, hang out and/or generally "catch up": I really mean it. I want to be at your wedding shower, baby shower, birthday party, etc. I want to be at your cookout, your pool time, your backyard hangout with your kids. I want to help you move and paint your walls and finish your nursery. I want to meet you on a patio for drinks and a sunset. I want to come hold your baby while you shower or you clean your kitchen or you go on a date with your husband. I want to listen to you vent. I want to stay up til 2am laughing and crying and watching Bridesmaids while we quote every word and try to be Kristen Wiig. I want to cook dinner and have you over to my house.

I want all these things.

Some days, I want them desperately. I want them more than I want to graduate. More than I want my "low tire pressure" light to stay off on my dashboard. More than I want sleep. *Today is that day.

Here's the thing: You can't always get what you want. (UGH.)

The truth is that I want to be able to do everything well and I hate missing out on important moments in the lives of those I love and call friend/family. However, I'm having to accept the reality that a lot of what I want will have to wait until December. Please give me your grace and understanding in the meantime and know that while it may seem like you've gone off my radar; you haven't.

[Insert cheesy Phil Collins "You'll be in my Heart" lyrics]

I love you, my people. 5 months & counting...


amanda said...

LOVE you C! SO proud of you for chasing your dreams...and so happy about the hearts in your eyes :)

Kimberly said...

you are awesome! hang in there, friend!