Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Observant Olivia

People are interesting.

I went to the bank. They had double charged my car payment. I appreciate them trying to pay off my loan faster, it's just that....well I can't afford it Mr. Banks. The teller, who had assured me last week that the online payment wouldn't be taken til next month, told me I must've submitted a second document. I assured her I had not, showed her my receipt with her initials showing the payment was to start 10/23/10 and she continued to tell me I had done something wrong. Okay Beverly. Smile. How can we fix this problem? Great. I appreciate you refunding me the second payment. Have a great day. I smiled to myself as I have been practicing restraint in my tendency to react defensively and quickly. Good job self!

Second bank. I need to deposit checks. Oops, I have a lot of checks. The teller helps me fill out my deposit slip while we make surface conversation. Upon handing me my receipt she asks if I take pictures (based on the checks being made to CarlZochPhotography.) I explain, she smiles and says "That's cool. Looks like it pays well." I make a confused face not sure what to say in return (only thinking of how much we pay in taxes and how that is a common misconception.) I said with a smile, "Thanks for your help!" and left. That was an interesting choice of words to say to a customer, ma'am. I don't think it's necessarily appropriate for you to comment on my finances. Hm. I stayed confused and kind of shocked at what happened while I drove to Target.

I ate alone at Taco Bueno and sat behind a family. It's super fun to observe people, especially parents. Especially parents of difficult children. Especially when the dad/husband is totally disengaged. I'm not judging. I realize we sometimes catch people in their "not-so-shining" moments. I try really hard to keep myself rooted in every day reality especially when I'm listening in on other people's conversations.

Oh, and then when I left Target, I was following the parking lot "understood etiquette" that you drive to the end of the row of spaces and then out. Sadly, Mr Senior Citizen in his large Chrysler decided he'd like to drive across the parking lot sideways. This is SO breaking parking lot etiquette. Since he decided to pull out in front of me (I guess he didn't see my large red SUV within 10 feet of his car) I gave him a friendly honk. He lurched to a stop so I proceeded. While passing, I observed him to be yelling and explaining through rolled up windows (I'm guessing?) what he was trying to do. I gave him a friendly smile and wave. He proceeded to break the rules across the parking lot, nearly hitting several other cars. Interesting, sir. You are interesting.

Go observe some people!


thelifeofaParish said...

i need to practice being like u. i probably would have told the bank lady to MYOB and then I would have rolled down my window to the old man and told him EXACTLY what was going through my mind!! GOOD JOB CARA!!!

Lori said...

ummm...yeah, that was really tacky of the teller to comment on the amount of your checks. wow.

The Pybs said...

seriously! what is wrong with people? way to show some manners and restraint, mrs. zoch! i would've lost it with the old man for sure...

Thompson Family said...

pretty sure i would have dropped the F*bomb on the old man.

I kid. I kid.