Monday, May 31, 2010

his and hers

This is a "What's in your bag?!" blog! I compared Carl's pockets to my bag.


-Yellow Clutch/Wallet (I take this out when I'm just running in somewhere. Everything else in my bag is no big loss. But I'll never leave my wallet in the car! (Learned that the hard way.)
-Brown/White bag contains allergy medicine for allergic reactions (epi-pen, fast acting benedryl) 3 kinds of lotion, dramamene, Tide pen, band-aids, IBprophen, antacids, moist toilettes...)
-Camera and battery charger
-1 necklace and 1 medical ID bracelet
-Ponytail holder and 2 bobbypins
-Reading/driving glasses
-2 pairs of earphones
-Icebreakers sour candy
-Travel tissues
-Burt's Bees chap stick
-1 dime
-Daily meds holder
-A pile of trash
-Black bridesmaids bag holds personal bathroom items
-Plastic bag holds Claritin that Carl requested I bring to the studio 4 days ago
-Random items pin, toothpick, and paper clip.
*Not pictured (iPhone used to take these pics.)

What's in your bag?


Jamie said...

1. coach wristlet for on the go
2. old grocery lists
3. wallet/w checkbook
4. work id/badge
5. pile of sonic mints
6. church bulletins
7. pens
8. change
9. bill receipts
10. little travel post-its
11. bag with bandaids, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, lotion
12. sometimes my sunglasses
13. cell phone
14. big bottle of ibuprofen
15. gum

JJC said...

Maybe it's because I have an inordinately large bag for a purse, but my purse generally acquires all of the man's belongings as well. am I the only one this happens to?

Cara said...

Carl's things were in mine. Happens all the time!