Friday, March 12, 2010


So, I hate vacuuming. I realized today though that I think about a lot of random things while doing it. In the bathroom, I thought about my friends who will be tackling potty training in the next year. I cursed all the dog hair clogging my filter in the living room. In the dining room, I thought, "I hope we have hilarious kids." It was almost like therapy with myself.

Anybody else do this?


Lindsay said...

My random thinking happens on the lawn mower, not so much with the vacuum.

P.S. You have no choice, your kids will be hilarious.

Adam said...

vacuuming is my favorite chore, believe it or not, not so much with doing dishes. brother lawrence, a monk in the 1500s, wrote a book "practicing the presence of God." it was his job to do the dishes in the monastery, and he considered it his best opportunity to pray with God. i've tried implementing it in my life with some success... just a suggestion to aleviate the annoyance of chores.

by the way, my best thinking occurs in the shower. and potty training is a royal pain.

Kristen Mallory said...

My best thinking happens in the shower...and I never vacuum. No wonder my carpet looks like crap.

I'll be singing loudly in the shower and it will suddenly dawn on me what the actual lyrics are to one of my current favorite songs that I've been singing wrong all along. Go figure.

You're kids will be hilarious!!