Thursday, April 24, 2008


Like 99% of everyone alive, I hate the dentist. I had my regular check up a week ago. At that appointment, I found out my previous dentist of 23 years was a fraud. He told me I wouldn't have to have my wisdom teeth removed (I do), he put on stainless steel crowns which he told me were permanent (they're not). Okay, so at my check up, I was told I had a periodontal infection and would need a laser treatment and some antibiotics. I was told my stainless steel crowns would need to be removed as they are meant to be temporary and the 3 years I'd had them on already was outrageous. I had a small filling. Oh, and my wisdom teeth would need to be removed.

So, yesterday, I was supposed to have my laser treatment, filling done and my crowns replaced with porcelain ones. My appointment started at 10am. It was supposed to be 2-3 hours. Upon removing my crowns, the dentist found that both of my teeth were decayed and very soft. One was able to be fixed and a crown placed over it. The other had to have a root canal. They ask me, on happy gas, if I'll consent to the root canal. I say "might as well since i'm already here." So they put me on oxygen, get me coherent enough to sign paperwork and have me sign my new bill, and then put me back on the happy gas to continue. SO, root canal....oh, and I had been in the chair so long my Novocaine and topical treatment were wearing off so I had to have more shots. Okay, so by this time, they can't put the crown over the tooth that had the root canal because it needs to heal, so i had to have another temporary crown put on (which is larger and doesn't allow my mouth to close or bite to line up...awesome.) So it's 2pm!!! Only 1 crown on and a root canal with a shotty temporary crown. $600 later, I'm walking out of the office like a severely inebriated individual and somehow drove myself to get highlights from Christina. And i forget to have them call in my pain medication and antibiotics. So i call with a 1/2 numb mouth, sore jaw, and rediculous speaking voice. My mom miraculously picks them up after I suffered for 4 hours in the hair chair.

On the bright side, Christina did a BOMB job! On the not-so-bright side, I have another 3 hour appointment Monday to have my filling done and temporary crown removed and replaced with my porcelain one. Hopefully I'll be done with the dentist for a while...gee whiz.


DG said...

1. FABULOUS highlights. I mean, really! So shiny!!! Whoever Christina is, she's a goddess of hair.
2. You look high as a kite. But maybe you were acting for the photo.
3. I luuuurve my dentist. He gives me valium. Valium? Goooood.

Beware of bad dentists. Some of them are evil, and it sounds like your old one fits that description.

Josh R. said...

Dude, I also have crap teeth! I need to go to the dentist, but stories like this make me way too scared.