Friday, August 10, 2007

My stuff got jacked.

Helpful hint: Don't leave your purse in an unlocked car in the church parking lot.

Story: After a job interview (that went great!) at DHS with the Child Welfare office, taking my transcript back to DHS to get approval for direct hire, eating an amazing lunch at Papa Angelos pizza, and getting a drug/alcohol test (for said job) I took my signed paper to the church for Maria to fax to DHS for me. Only Maria and Ginger were there, so I parked the car (Oh, not even my car mind you) and left my phone, purse, job info in the front seat and thought to myself "I'll only be gone a minute." Less than 10 minutes later I return to an empty front seat...only my phone and papers are left.

So, while Maria is faxing my paper, a large bald Hispanic man comes to the intercom asking for school supplies for his kids. Ginger replies to him and he leaves. I could see the man on the TV monitor in Maria's office. I could also see the car. She hands me back the paper, we chat a minute and I go back outside. Through the windshield I can see that the seat is empty and paper on the ground outside the door make my heart beat fast and I run back inside saying "That guy stole my purse!"

The next 20 minutes were filled with phone calls to Carl, Arvest, and 911. I froze my accounts, filed a police report, and added a fraud alert with the 3 credit bureaus. Next, I cried, cursed my stupidity for leaving the car unlocked (which i never do) and for carrying my social security cards with me. (which you're not supposed to do.)

Contents Stolen:
-Large Red Bag

-Wallet (Arvest debit card, BOA debit card, new SS card with my married name, 2 check books (2 different accounts) some change, those saver cards and coupon cards, a $100 pier 1 gift card, 2 un-deposited checks totaling $270, Jon and Kelly's pool pass, my jump drive (complete with all my homework from college), and then misc. cards for subway and marble slab. I don't use them anyway.

-My EpiPen and Benedryl for allergy attacks along with some other medicines, chap stick, gum, pens, an umbrella, my planner, my keys (home, car, carl's car, my mom's house, including my ID holder with my old SS card, driver's license, school ID,) All of it is stupid replaceable crap (except my SS card. That sucks hard.)

-My glasses! Gr...

The guy left my cell phone and sunglasses as well as all my job info. Thank you sir.

My bomb of a husband met me at the tag agency and I got a new license for $10 then we went to Target and he was kind enough to get me a new bag and wallet (and the staple items of chap stick and gum. Duh.)

Moral of this story. Don't leave anything in your unlocked car. It'll get jacked and then you'll spend the next week waiting for replacement debit cards or sitting in the Social Security office. Maybe the guy will use one of the cards or checks and the police can catch him.

His kids can keep the school supplies though.


Josh McCullock Photography said...

same thing happened to katie last summer, she cried too...alot. I'm so sorry. way to go Carl.

ps. be ready to get a buttload of mail from the credit protection/identity theft agencies. We did the same thing and man they are heavy on the junkmail!

Amanda said...

oh man, that sucks. well, we'll have a blast in g-town tomorrow and you'll forget all your troubles. :)

shannon paige said...

i feel your pain. sorry it happened friend.

Anonymous said...

I'll be diligently looking for anyone with that description. If I see someone, anyone, at the pool with non-chapped lips, smacking on some gum, working on some homework and/or a planner with some nice glasses, eating a sub and some ice cream all while sitting under the shade of an umbrella that has been nicely decorated with some Pier 1 candles (and with a large red bag at their side) they better be glad they'll have an EpiPen and some Benedryl, because there will be HELL TO PAY.

Jack Bauer

Kristin said...

aw Cara I'm so sorry! That is horrible! I wish I could do something!

Thomas said...

Im on it Cara, I have watching tons of CSI and Law and Order. Ill find it before Jack Bauer, I oath it.

Jen Herbert said...

Hey Cara! I know that sucks! That happened to Zach a couple of years ago at the same church parking lot. Except someone busted in his car window to steal his ipod! Thanks for the reminder about the SS card. I shall take it out of my purse right away! :) Hope things get better!

realolivegreen said...

haha, no problem jen. glad i could help!

Matt & Jacqui said...

That's awful! Hope and pray your credit won't be damaged. That's such a tough situation. Good Luck!!!