Friday, July 27, 2012

Stream of consciousness: traveling

- I am taking my smallest suitcase with ROOM TO SPARE. This has never happened.

- The only "extra" things I put in my smallish purse (carry-on) is two books and a journal, a banana, some nuts and granola. If you consider that I normally bring my computer, some magazines, some books, and other "in case you get bored" items, this is a major improvement.

- People who don't pay attention in the check-in line or in security frustrate me to no end. I straight line-jumped a lady after showing her 3 screens were available and she just fumbled around. #aintnobodygottimefodat

- Nervous grandmas traveling with their kids or grandkids make me crazy.

- I love finding the few people reading a real newspaper. They almost always have a moustache. (women included)

- It's probably not fair to observe parenting styles in an airport...but I do it anyway.

- I'm getting used to this traveling alone thing. But it doesn't mean I'm any less excited about having a traveling companion someday.

- I decided to wear a dress to fly today. Nothing fancy, but I feel fancy. Like the old days when people dressed up to travel. Don't worry, no heels.

- I appreciate any ticket agent at the gate who does stand-up comedy while we board. I would so go Kristin Wigg at that job.


Kristen Lee said...

Will now be using "Nervous Grandma" as a catchphrase, thanks Kel.

Example: "You don't have to act all Nervous Grandma because I accidentally let the dogs out. Geez."

Please tweet this: "I'm at our nation's capital, WHAT UP!"

Jen said...

be kind to the parents traveling with kids....I use to have that judgement glare that basically let them know they are a total failure as a parent! After traveling with kiddos I realized you will do just about anything to survive the day....bribery, ignoring a tantrum, spanking, crying, curling up into a corner and sobbing uncontrollably (me, not the kid). :)

Cara said...

Jen! I'm always kind! Not judgement; just observing! I've traveled with other people's kids and know you do what you gotta do. No judgement, but I'm also not jealous of their position. :)