Monday, February 7, 2011

overcoming it

I conquered a fear this week. A big fear. I'm reaaalllllyyyyy proud of myself! For a long my whole life...I've been afraid of the dark and I've never stayed overnight alone. I get paranoid really easily and so I've always made arrangements for when Carl goes out of town. This week I decided it was time...I had to conquer the fear of sleeping in the house alone.

SO, with Bauer at the foot of the bed, (who I knew would be ferocious sorta startled if anyone tried to break-in) I made it through Monday night only waking up about 9 times. I learned to take off Bauer's collar so I wouldn't wake up to every jingle he makes when he switches sleeping positions. All the nights since have been totally fine. It's weird...after the first night, it's been no big deal. I think being semi-snowed-in helped me psychologically. It was like I had no choice.

So, on to the next! Anybody else out there conquered a fear recently?


Mike said...

I am currently in the process of conquering my fear of water and TRYING to learn to swim.

JJC said...

First of all - I had no idea you are such a freak of nature. hahahaha. just playing. That's crazy! I'm so proud of you for overcoming that. Way to go!

Jacquelyn said...

I'm terrified of being transparent to people. It's weird. I'll tell anyone anything, but I'm never really transparent, I always have some sort of safety shield up. I'm working on it. Kind of.

Lori said...

That's awesome Cara-I really am proud of you! Hopefully it will get easier each time.
It wasn't that recently, but about 3 years ago I conquered my fear of needles by donating blood for the first time. Now they don't bother me (that much). :o)