Friday, August 21, 2009

i'll leave you with just a story

We made it to El Paso. Bunking here for the night, to Juarez in the morning to meet Sev. Holler!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO. I apparently bring bad travel juu juu. We are rushed through the check-in line they're telling us we've got to hurry. We have 5 bags (2 backpacks, 1 carry-on, diaper bag, 1 purse.) 3 people who can walk. Okay. Shoes off, laptops out, bags on the line, walk-thru, no problems, diaper bag out-*Ma'am, is this your bag? come with me. Awesome. Bag 2, my backpack, *Ma'am is this your bag? Is there a laptop in here? (Oh my word, I got out Monica's and totally forgot mine. I'm so sorry.) We have to re-run it. Not a problem, I understand. Bag 3, the carry-on. *Ma'am is this your bag? Are there speakers in here? (Yes, there is a portable DVD player. There's toys, trains, snacks...)Okay, we have to re-run it. SURE, no problem. (PS, CAN I HAVE MY SHOES YET?) ****Meanwhile: Monica's having every speck of baby food tested with the wand and scientific scanner while managing Simon in the baby backpack as well as Kalen who can't get his shoes on. ****Meanwhile, Cara is holding Monica's laptop, Monica's purse, my backpack, finally get the carry-on and grab my shoes. *BREATHE* Diaper bag is cleared, off to our gate. What's that you say? Gate 4? Oh the one at the VERY END OF THE TERMINAL? Sure. No problem.

In time for boarding, awesome. Oh wait. What's that? Oh, American Airlines doesn't do pre-boarding for parents with kids? Oh. Great. What group are we? 5? Oh. Okay. (***PS, our seats are all on different rows. That leaves a 4 year old to fend for himself. Not happenin'.) We get up to the gate attendant: "Um yes, we are all traveling together and have different seats. We'd like to see if we could somehow trade with someone so at least 2 of us could be together." AAlady: "You'll have to ask the flight attendant." Sure. Me: "Um yes, we are all traveling....sit together?" AAFA#1: "You'll have to speak to the attendant in the back." *What's that? You want me to walk all the way to the back of the plane with 2 children, 5 bags...? Sure. Monica gets in her seat with Simon and Kalen. I haul 3 bags to the rear of the plane. Me: Ma'am, I need some help. AAFA#2: Calm down ma'am. Me: (Thinking: I'm not worked up) Yes, I am traveling with a mother and her 2 kids. We all have different seats, I need one of them to be changed so that myself and the 4 year old can sit together. AAFA#2: Calm down. You'll need to find someone to switch with you. Me: *confused, okay? AAFA#2: You should find a place for your luggage before it gets filled up. And please move out of the way so others can pass you. (*I'M NOT EXAGGERATING!) Me: (very frustrated, carrying 3 bags, finds someone who will switch. I slam/cram my bag into the overhead compartment above Monica's row, grab Kalen and gets to our seat while graciously and sweetly saying "Thank You" to the dear man who switched me. We get our bags under the seats, get buckled, *BREATHE* *SWEATING BUCKETS* Here's the kicker..... AAFA#2: "You're Welcome" as she passes me on her way back from the "exits and air masks" routine. *Insert imaginative idea of what I was saying to myself and saying to her in my head.

Pilot: "Ladies and gentleman, due to some pretty strong thunderstorms we won't be able to depart from the gate. Air traffic control has grounded all planes to and from Dallas." Awesome! Great! We'd LOVE to sit here after being rushed! ...30minutes... "Ladies and Gentleman it's probably going to be about a 45 minute delay. Don't worry, all flights out of DFW have been delayed as well." Sure, I won't worry. Luckily, 15 minutes later he came on and we left. Only delayed an hour so we were only an hour late to El Paso. Our ride was here and we made it! Got to the grocery store and have been relaxing at the Border Initiative where my friend Gavin works. Some good 'ole mac and cheese and craft time before we winded it down and now we're going to bed.

Juarez tomorrow morning/early afternoon!!! It's really happening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello friends!

If you read 2 posts ago, you know that I'm headed to Mexico with my cousin and her boys to spend a week with her husband. It's going to be so great for them to be together and re-connect as a family. He'll finally get to meet his sweet baby Simon! It's going be an awesome trip to be a part of, but it's also going to be long and difficult. 11 days in Juarez with very few entertainment options will get old fast. Keeping a 4 year old and 6 month old entertained in a confined, strange place for those 11 days will be a challenge all its own.

All the money came in that we need! HUGE relief! Now we just have to pack and get across the border and come home safe and hopefully have a husband and daddy that will be coming home with us!

Pray for us. It's going to be a long journey! (Specifically, August 26th is the interview for Sev's immigrant visa. It's at 8:15am. That's what this whole trip is for! We're not expecting, but are hoping for a miracle!)

I'll update as technology and wireless internet allows. Juarez is no Cancun people!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Cubs lose. What else is new.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

break time!

I've been running hard since the middle/end of July trying to help get things organized for the upcoming Mexico trip. I think we've almost locking in our lodging and car. Why are you going to Mexico you say? I will tell you.

My cousin Monica's husband is stuck in Mexico due to an unjust immigration 3-year saga. If I had time to tell you and you had time to listen to all the horrible details and cracks involved in the system you would be a puddle of tears. He was here legally on a work visa and 6 months after he and Monica got married they tried to obtain his permanent citizenship. They were led astray by a woman who they thought was a lawyer. She wasn't and because she gave them wrong information, what was supposed to be a 3-6 month wait to get the problem corrected has turned into 3 years. That's the short version. ANYWAY, his Immigrant Visa interview is August 26th in Juarez. Monica and her 2 amazing boys haven't seen Severiano in 15 months. We are hoping to travel to Juarez to spend a week with him while he goes through the interview process. We're in the middle of trying to raise money and make the arrangements as if we're going. If we don't get the money, then we'll wait and see what happens. (So...if you want to give me some money, you just let me know. :) ) *PS, if you wanted to pray for us, that'd be much appreciated. Especially for Severiano and his interview.

So, where is this break coming from? We made arrangements back in the spring to visit our awesome friends, the Pickles, in Chicago where they've been living for the last 2 years. We leave Monday, our first long road trip alone together. I'm actually very excited. Carl most likely won't be getting much of a break. Poor guy is still catching up from this insane summer of weddings. BUT, here's some sun through the clouds... I get to go to my first Chicago CUBS game!!! It's a night game too, which are my favorite. I've been a fan since my freshman year of college. There's something about rooting for a team that's often the underdog in the league. Don't worry, they'll see their day. After all, the Red Sox broke their curse right? (Yes, in 2004.) Anyway, I'm very excited. The game's Wednesday. I have to live 3.5 days. I think I can do it. :) I think there's about 293819238 Quik Trip stops between here and Chicago so it that will be awesome too.

Don't forget! If you want to slip some $ in my pocket for the trip to Mexico, let me know. ( Please pray for us over the next 2-3 weeks as we make arrangements and then hopefully make the trip to Juarez! And...may the Cubs win.