Friday, May 30, 2008

tests complete

Oh man! Why is it always hard to stay up when you don't want to? Carl and I made it through our sleep deprived night to prepare for the tests this morning. It was about 2:30am when we went to bed and about 5:30am when we got up. We took our sweet time showering, getting ready, and headed to Bev's for some pancakes around 6:30am. We ate breakfast and laughed for entirely no reason. Then we walked to Starbucks so Carl could have some coffee to wake up. On the way back to the car I said in some ridiculous voice "I'm wearing a Pike's Place tshirt and you're wearing a Pike's Place coffee!" Obviously I messed up wearing and holding. This was followed by messing up other words and laughing hysterically for absolutely no reason throughout the morning. When I laid down for my mid-morning rest between tests, I looked at Carl and started the quiet shake laugh for a good few minutes until I finally caught my breath.

Soooooo, the tests. The EEG was rediculous. I looked like Albert Einstein I'm sure when they got all the electrodes hooked up to my head. They had me hyperventilate for 3 minutes (controlled breathing hyperventilation) which made me cold and tingly and dizzy. Then I had to lay perfectly still for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. Then, they put a strobe light in front of my face and did 4 different settings on it. That part almost killed me I'm pretty sure. If you ever need to torture someone, make them stay up all night, then put a strobe light in their face...all after they've had a seizure of course.

Ookkkaaaayyy. Then the silly nap, and on to the MRI. They got us right in and we finally had a good experience with a medical professional! The radiologist was tight. She even let us look at the scans afterwards. Anyway, if you've never had an MRI, just imagine the part in Willy-Wonka where they are in the TV and everything is white and bright and glow-y. Then with all the boat sounds and vibrations and techno music-like noise I felt like I was being transported to another planet. I found all the imperfections inside the tube which helped me focus on holding perfectly still. It was great.(Haha!)

So anyway, I should get the results back on Monday. My brain looks awesome and very intelligent so it looks like things are shaping up positively.

Thanks to everyone who's been concerned, praying, and supporting us through this crazy time. Hopefully a sense of normal will return sooner than later and my medication will either be adjusted or my body will adjust and I can get off this couch!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

going crazy

This medication is nuts-o. For a week I was laying on the couch, walking and sitting up very little. I've earned some outings being seizure free for 10 days now. I got to get a pedicure on Wednesday. I got to go to Target for 30 minutes to get some bermuda shorts (I almost fell over 4 times) and then a much needed massage which was heavenly. Today I sat in Carl's office while he was in a meeting and we went to lunch. That was plenty after climbing the stairs to the apartment so now I'm laying on the couch again.

Guess what?!!!

Our GAY dvr from Cox (hate them!) erased our recordings and didn't record all the ones I set up for this now I'm watching a documentary about Blood Diamonds on the History channel.

Tonight, I have to be sleep deprived for my tests tomorrow. So I'll be up till 2am and then up at 5am to dilly dally until we check in at 8am to have my EEG and MRI tests. Then I'll get a much needed nap and shower and get to eat dinner with KT and Shenold and watch a movie while Carl shoots a wedding.

Pray for us as we do these tests and pray that the results come quickly and they find whatever they're looking for. We are hopeful and trust that the future is bright and full of lots of seizure free days! (Too bad that won't move up my driving date of November 20th.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday positive:

Target has bermuda shorts on sale.

Sunday negative: I can't drive till November.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

seizures and such

Check for updates on how we're doing and what's been going on in the last 36 hours.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

career testing

So, i just spent about 2 hours taking a bunch of different FREE career tests online.(What else am I going to do...I'm layed up from another root canal.) Unfortunately I don't think it told me anything I didn't's my results:

-You will excel in service occupations involving personal contact. 13% of the total population.

-You'll thrive in a career that lets you bring order out of chaos for yours is a talent for organization.

-You need the human connection in your work to feel genuine satisfaction in your career. So, you're a natural for any of the "helping" professions.

Great. Thank you. I also was told I needed a job with a risk-factor in order for me to get out of bed in the morning. I don't know what that's supposed to look like...Oh wait, don't I already risk my safety every day in my current job? Yea...that doesn't motivate me to get up every morning.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a word...


I hope it makes you laugh like it did me when I heard it on the radio.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I know I recently wrote about how my mom's getting old and does things that make me say "Oh bless it..." but seriously, she's a great lady.

She's getting an award tomorrow at church that she doesn't know about. It's for distinguished service. She totally deserves it, even though I know she'll think she doesn't. I helped arrange for my G-parents, aunt, sister and nephew be here. It's worked out well since tomorrow is mother's day and my mom has no idea. She's just glad we're all here and together. We had dinner and chatted tonight.

I used to not like my family. There's still times that they make me mad and when they don't understand or know who I really am. But that's okay. Tonight I really enjoyed just being with everyone and having conversation. And hearing my grandparents laugh...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

same ole post

It's really no surprise that I have to blog about my job again is it?

I've at least had the convo with my supervisor...she knows I'm looking for another job, she's supportive and even said "anyone would be lucky to have you as an employee...I'll definitely be sad to see you go, you're one of my best workers." I'm at least grateful that she's not pissed that I want to leave.

Hopefully I'll get some calls and have some interviews soon...otherwise I'll be quitting without a job to fall back on and resort to a Starbucks barista.

I haven't figured out what that thing is that clicks with me. I don't know what I'd like to do, I just know it isn't what I'm doing now. I know that I'd much rather live in Italy where they work 9 months and break for 3. I also know that I'd much rather live off Canon Beach and run a coffee shop for 6 months out of the year and travel the rest of it. I know that whatever it is I end up doing for a vocation needs to be something that makes me excited to get up in the morning and not totally bummed.

I know you've heard this all before...just have to get it out...again.