Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well since I've been stuck at home, unable to drive, unable to be independent, I've spent about 4 weekends at my grandparents and sisters over the last 6 weeks. It's been 2 years since I was at my g-parents last which is super embarrassing. I guess I've made up for it by being there so many times recently. :) Anyway, I've had several adventures recently. I was up this last weekend for the small town tradition of Neewollah. It's the town's fall fest/Halloween celebration. There's a carnival, fair food, lots of activities, etc. I haven't been since my Senior year of high school so it was really nice to be there. There's a parade and marching band competition on the Saturday of last weekend. I love this parade, I love marching bands, I love it. After the parade and competition, we go to Jayne's house to get dinner going. Well, Uncle Lee pulls out the VW Thing (see picture.) After some joy-riding, it was time to teach my sister Lindsay and I to drive a standard. So, Uncle Lee took each of us out and taught us to drive the Thing. My turn was a little trying since I couldn't reach the pedals very well and the breaks don't really work and I hadn't driven since May. I will have you know that I only killed it when I was learning to start and stop on a hill. I did GREAT besides that. I didn't jerk it once, all my shifting was down fluidly and easily. Hooray me! It was also nice to get behind the wheel and drive, even if it was on the runway Uncle Lee made in the field for his plane.

I've been question girl 2008 to my grandparents on these visits. I guess my curiosity is just now kicking in so I've been asking lots of questions about their lives and such. It's been really great to learn all of that. My grandpa is in the process of writing "life sketches" with his siblings that tell about their lives growing up. Being born in the 20's leaves lots of room for good stories.

Anyway, that's all. Since I'm all caught up with the DVR, I guess I'll have to find some things to do today...probably laundry.


shannon paige guillot said...

i love small town festivals and talking to old people about their lives, so therefore, i love you and this blog.

thatsilverlining said...

Its weird and strangely comfortable knowing that its nice to get kicks out of the "smaller" things in life. Except...I still don't think I'd want to permanently move back to SEK. :) Its just nice to "get back to your roots" every once in a while.
I'm so proud of you for being such a pro in the Thing! My dad didn't even teach ME how to drive a standard, so you should feel special!

little dalene said...

I totally was in the Neewollah parade! Haha. I bet it isn't the same without me. :)