Thursday, December 13, 2007

I do this at least twice a month

I'm completely over working full-time. I know this is no new rant, but seriously. If parents aren't going to do what it takes to be a parent. If they're going to do drugs while they're pregnant and create children that require special care. If they're going to distribute cocaine or sit in jail or kill their kids then I don't want to do this anymore.

You can have your insurance, your holidays, your cubicle, your office supplies, and your christmas parties. I'm want out.

So, if any of you are up for paying off my $50,000 school bill so I'm debt free, that'd be great.


Miss W said...

so this is what i have to look forward to.. :)

realolivegreen said...

yes. except that you will have a better supervisor than I do who helps you do things and shows you how to be a great worker.

Josh R. said...

The real world sucks nuts, doesn't it?

Zach said...

Do what I did...go to grad school and defer while you accrue even more!

DG said...

Ask yourself if you would love your job if you had the best boss in that profession. If the answer is still "no", that even with the rosiest of circumstances, the world of social work would grind every ounce of happiness out of you, then you need to change professions.

Go into something fun. Like sales.

Or, work at Hooters. Great tips! You'll pay that over-priced $50K SNU loan off in no time.

And, yeah, Josh R., the real world sucks nuts. But sometimes you get lucky and fall into something that doesn't suck 24/7.

Don't go to grad school unless your degree will catapult you into a profession that will allow you to pay off double the amount of debt that you have now (doctor, lawyer, business exec, etc...). I am not joking around about that. DON'T DO IT unless the higher degree will reward you financially. Otherwise, truly, it is a waste of time.

Ryan said...

Damn. I'm really sorry. Especially because you have such a good heart and you care so much about other people in the first place. I'm sorry you feel used up.

But we think you rock our socks