Tuesday, November 13, 2007

worse than buying jeans

that is car shopping. there are so many scams and slime-y, greasy salesmen waiting for you to say "i'll take it." it could possibly be the most frustrating thing i've/we've ever done. i know you have to agree with me.

So far 4 of 4 cars we've test driven have had the check engine light on. 1 had to be jump-started (a great sign...plus we already have the Toyota for that) 2 had the ABS light on in addition to the CE. stuck windows, broken locks, dying sunroof motors, interiors complete with dog hair, blown headlight and bad brakes. i thought I was buying a car not to fix a car. Am i right?

We downsize to the apartment in 2.5 weeks. not 1 box is packed. whew knew that your stuff multiplies when you don't live in a dorm room anymore.

2 days off this week. Thank you veterans and brad henry. (friday is statehood day.)

T-minus one week till we will be chillaxing on the Oregon coast, eating punkin' pie, seeing the ocean/gorge/falls, and being in a way cooler town than I've been in for the last 22 years.

For those wondering about my job: I had my first real full day today. We celebrated with Macaroni Grill...i deserved to eat a whole loaf of bread before my meal. After all, I put in a 9 hour day while eating lunch at my desk and saving the world with one hand.

You're welcome.

*sorry to the grammar fanatics that are irritated at my lack of proper punctuation and capitalization.

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