Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: the best of intentions

I'm not calling these goals. Or resolutions. These are the boundaries by which I'm going to try to operate in 2012. These are my intentions for the new year.

PEACE: let it go. practice peace.

QUIET: shut up. be still.  l i s t e n.

PLAY: life is happening. participate.

FOLLOW THRU: do what you say you're going to do. show up when you say you're going to show up.

RISK: you can't calculate everything. jump without looking. take a chance on something or someone.

CHALLENGE: yourself. your mind. your body. your soul.

MOVE: don't stall out. don't stand still. keep moving forward. keep changing.

RESPOND: breathe. close your eyes. think. don't react.

CONSISTENCY: be the same in all avenues of life. at work. at school. while driving. with kids. with adults. online. in person.

HONESTY: ask for help when you need it. call a friend when you're lonely. answer questions with the truth. #realtalk

INVEST: with no regard for personal gain. with friendships. with time. with your life.

GIVE: be generous. with time. with resources. with grace.

PRESENT: be where you are, 110%. leave your phone in your bag. look people in the eye. hug them. say i love you. be fully present.

REMEMBER: take pictures. write. tell stories. reminisce. jog your memory.

DANCE: every day. especially the hard days.

I would love to hear your intentions for 2012! And I would appreciate you holding me accountable to mine. Happy Second Day of the New Year.

(If you're looking for some good suggestions, read this article.)