Wednesday, November 28, 2007

law school?

I'm thinking about it. I am extremely interested in the legal system and very much enjoy the court side of my job. I attended a 2 day legal training yesterday and today and that's where this is coming from. I seriously considered it in college as well. I even went as far as to request materials from OCU and OU schools of law. If I did end up pursuing it, I'd want to focus on juvenile or family law. Hm...what are your thoughts?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

be jealous.

It was a great T-Give. I don't know why everyone doesn't live in the Northwest. It's actually Fall here. Here are some pics taken by my husband, Carl of our trip so far. (I took the one of him.) Tomorrow is the beach and then home on Sunday. I'll be speaking to all of you at some point about moving out here. It's a definite must. I'm thankful my in-laws are BOMB and live in such a wonderful place. 

Monday, November 19, 2007

heaven bound

okay, just the northwest. but you know it's the same.

i hope you're jealous.

i'll sure miss my g-ma's bomb punkin' pie...but i'm supposed to have one waiting when we get back! yessssssssssssss

happy early turkey lurkey jerkey day. gobble gobble.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

worse than buying jeans

that is car shopping. there are so many scams and slime-y, greasy salesmen waiting for you to say "i'll take it." it could possibly be the most frustrating thing i've/we've ever done. i know you have to agree with me.

So far 4 of 4 cars we've test driven have had the check engine light on. 1 had to be jump-started (a great we already have the Toyota for that) 2 had the ABS light on in addition to the CE. stuck windows, broken locks, dying sunroof motors, interiors complete with dog hair, blown headlight and bad brakes. i thought I was buying a car not to fix a car. Am i right?

We downsize to the apartment in 2.5 weeks. not 1 box is packed. whew knew that your stuff multiplies when you don't live in a dorm room anymore.

2 days off this week. Thank you veterans and brad henry. (friday is statehood day.)

T-minus one week till we will be chillaxing on the Oregon coast, eating punkin' pie, seeing the ocean/gorge/falls, and being in a way cooler town than I've been in for the last 22 years.

For those wondering about my job: I had my first real full day today. We celebrated with Macaroni Grill...i deserved to eat a whole loaf of bread before my meal. After all, I put in a 9 hour day while eating lunch at my desk and saving the world with one hand.

You're welcome.

*sorry to the grammar fanatics that are irritated at my lack of proper punctuation and capitalization.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

something new

that's what i need. something new.

i'm looking for another job. if you know of one where i wouldn't stare at a computer all day and be expected to drop everything and come running 24/7...i'll definitely check it out. (even if it's just part time.)

that's all.