Friday, July 27, 2007


It's an interesting thing to think about the power that others hold over you. Whether they mean to or not, at some point someone has power over you.

Right now, the power I feel against me is in this interview process. I've never realized that when you interview somewhere you can be in a fairly vulnerable position. They have the power to offer me the job or not. They have the power to like me or not. They have the power to allow me to gain experience at their expense or to not. It's honestly a pretty scary process.

Today, I have my first 2 grown-up job interviews. I'm pretty nervous. I don't usually get nervous about stuff like this, but it's been 6 years since I've interviewed for a job. This time I'm fighting for a salary and benefits. Can you believe that? I will no longer have to punch in and out and be super careful to avoid the doctor (no insurance.) If they choose to exercise their power and offer me a job, they are giving me the ability to contribute to a household and to live a better life. At that point, they are giving me power to be motivated and care about what I'm doing.

Anyway, 10am and 4:30pm. Those are the interview times. If you choose to cheer for me, cheer for the 4:30 one. Cheer that I will be calm and be myself. I really want this job and I know I would really love doing it and be good at it. Oh, and you can cheer that they want me back for another interview. :)

Well. This is it. I'm off to join the "secular" world or the "work force" or whatever you want to call it.

I am officially an adult.
ps, i love my husband because he believes in me when i don't believe in myself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

waiting and symbols

i do not care much for waiting. it is on the verge of annoying. i've turned my resume in at a few places with no response. now again, i hate waiting. which means i'm also impatient. which means it's only been 3 business days. however, i also feel that if i'm a company and i'm hiring, i'm going to be calling some people for an interview pretty quickly. the end. i'm still waiting...

symbols. i will apologize in advance for hurting anyone's feelings (especially my husband's and Josh McCullock) with this rant. the iphone. i love apple products. i am a believer in the Mac revolution and that everyone should get one. i might even get behind the ipod. here's my beef with the iphone. i understand that it has "everything you need"-calendar, note pad, internet, phone, music, movies, blah blah blah. So isn't it basically just an imac with a phone but fits in your pocket? okay it's cheaper. here's what i think. the iphone is for boys what a coach bag is for girls. people don't buy the newest coach bag because it has more space or new accessories, they buy it because of the stupid C's all over it. not because it's super durable, will last a lifetime, or has the ability hold more stuff. It's just the newer one. The blackberry is a phone, Internet, calendar, note/to-do holder, and some can even hold tv shows or movies. okay no music. bummer. but you already have an ipod so just plug it into your car speakers, computer speakers, whatever. what makes the iphone so great?! it's new. it's sleak. it's apple. it has everything.

well i'm over it and if my life has become such that i "need" to carry around a mini-computer in my pocket then i'm going to simplify my life instead of upgrade my phone. but that's just me.